Blackheads: no one likes them but they seem to affect almost everyone. With so many different skin products out there, how can you choose the best solution to rid these pesky buggers once and for all? 


Firstly, it’s important understand what causes blackheads. 


Blackheads are a wax build-up in your pores made of debris, toxins, bacteria and dead skin cells. The exposure to air is what causes them to oxidise and turn black. Most people struggle with blackheads, so don’t worry – theyre not a sign of ill-health, theyre just a cosmetic nuisance as they don’t look fabulous on your skin. 


So, what’s the most effective way to get rid of these black bumps? Pore strips or clay masks? 


Pore strips: the quick-fix 

While pore strips can be a popular and fun addition to your beauty routine, the reality is that pore strips are only a temporary, quick-fix solution to blackheads. Pore strips work to remove the top layers of dead skin cells and oxidised oil, which makes your pores look smaller and less congested, however they don’t prevent and reduce blackheads from actually occurring. 


In fact, according to Marie Claire and Refinery29, pore strips can even have a damaging effect to your skin, so be aware of how and when to use them if you choose to try them out. 


The long and short of it all is that pore strips can inflame or tear your skin and they strip the skin of natural oils if used on a regular basis. Just like your hair, your skin needs a balance of natural oils to keep it healthy and lock in moisture. 

Clay masks: in it for the long run 

The gentler and more permanent solution to blackhead treatment is using clay masks on a regular basis. This solution is perfect for all types of skin, especially rosacea/psoriasis-prone skin, which can’t deal with abrasive techniques like pore strips. 


If used weekly, clay masks like our Detox MUD mask will clean out excess oil from your skin to eliminate built up bacteria and toxins that can produce blackheads. 


The good thing about clay masks is that they’re a natural addition to your beauty routine, maintaining the balance of natural oils in your skin while gently detoxing. 


Our Detox MUD uses a unique blend of Australian clays to supercharge blood flow and circulation while drawing out deep impurities like excess oil, pollution and toxins to cleanse your pores and leave them visibly smaller. 


Learn more about our clay mask ingredients here


Other blackhead removal solutions that dermatologists recommend include: 

  • Gentle exfoliating cleansers 
  • Products with salicylic acid 


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